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Wedding Skin Care Tips: The Last Minute Zit

Hilary Bedford

Posted on June 30 2017

“M***** F*****! Is that a zit?!?!”  


You’ve just woken up in horror. It’s the day before or… the day of something you have been planning for ages. First thing you should do -- breathe. You will get through this!   The odds of the zit/blemish magically disappearing are slim to none, so praying for the zit fairy to bless you with a miracle may not work. BUT don’t let this silly, little skin situation spoil your special day. It’s just time to spring into action!  


Try any of the tips below to help make the blemish become a thing of the past... quickly!   Don’t Touch! Your fingers and nails could be carrying dirt (even it's just a little bit), so avoid touching your face. No need to make the situation worse!    


Classic Oil Free Concealer Make sure your makeup is completely oil-free. You want to avoid putting anything on your face that might make you breakout again or block additional pores.  

Almay Clear Complexion Oil Free Concealer  


stila Stay All Day Foundation, Concealer & Brush Kit    

  e.l.f. Maximum Coverage Concealer    


Quick Fix Acne Treatments Acne treatments generally include antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so they help you avoid further damage and assist with disinfecting and soothing whatever you may have going on.  

Keeva Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment  


Blemish Rx Acne Drying Lotion  


Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Night Cleansing Pads    


So… You Just... Have to... Touch…    

Blackhead & Blemish Remover Kit by Zap Zit  


...but you didn’t hear it from us…    


Good luck!

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