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Wedding Registry: Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

Hilary Bedford

Posted on January 26 2017

First comes love, then comes marriage… then comes awesome wedding gifts!! 
It has long been a tradition for wedding guests to bring newlyweds gifts that complement the couple's new life together.
With so many department stores and registries, it’s easy to just go to the most obvious places and aiming that registry gun… but you have options! WWD has put together a list of traditional and not so traditional wedding registries.


Target - everybody loves target!
Macys - popular retailer for the more traditional couple.
Bed Bath and Beyond - we all have been to bridal showers were a majority of the wrapping paper is purple and silver.
Amazon - This is always a good option for your guests because if they have Prime they get free shipping which is always a nice option.


With modern day relationships having a higher percentage of couples that have already co-habitated, you may already have a lot of items that are on the traditional registry list (there is only so much room for bar gifts and bathroom towels). There are now a lot of options to register for sites to ask for gifts that you really need! - This site is awesome because you can literally put anything from the internet on it. So you can do a mix of tradition and obscure stores. - UOS is a registry where you can add a list of items you would like and guests can contribute as much money as they can to certain items. This makes the guests feel like they are actually contributing to gift rather than sending money. In the end you just get all the cash to do whatever you would like with it.
Crowdsourcing - If you have all of the side items covered, you could always try crowd sourcing. Need a down payment for a house? New car? Adding a pool? Honeymoon fund? The options are endless! You want to do your research to make sure you go with a platform that works best for you. Some sites don’t give you the money unless you hit your goal. You can find a list of crowd sourcing sites here.
For more non-tranditonal registry ideas, check out this list from BuzzFeed.
Have fun registering! 

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