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Wedding Dance Songs - How Do You Choose?

Hilary Bedford

Posted on January 06 2016

"The world's most famous and popular language is music." - Psy
Music is universal. It unites us all, just like weddings do. Families join and come together to celebrate your commitment to love. It is a powerful and joyous time... and it's going to including dancing... a lot of dancing!
The music you choose will be a very essential part to having a successful, and might I say kickass, wedding/party. We will get into the topic of Band vs. DJ in another post, but for now... what song is more important than your first dance song? How do you choose? How do you even narrow it down?
Maybe it's a no-brainer and you and your love already have a go-to... however for some of us... we will have to filter through ALL the amazing recommendations either from friends or lists we find online. I'm a sucker for acoustic covers of popular songs and recently came across a couple of great lists from The Knot and PopSugar. Both have amazing ideas that might help you narrow down your choices.
Here is one of my favorites - it's an acoustic cover of "Cinema" by Benny Benassi.
 What are some of your favorite first dance wedding songs?

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