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Easy DIY Projects: Wedding Save the Date Ideas

Hilary Bedford

Posted on February 02 2017

  • Step 1: Cut felt (2 layers at a time) in the shape of a heart.
  • Step 2: Cut a coordinating ribbon and stamp in your wedding date.
  • Step 3: Place the dated ribbon coming out from one side of the heart.
  • Step 4: Place the top layer over the bottom and begin hand stitching the heart together using embroidery thread. Be sure to stitch through the ribbon to hold it into place.
Project & photos found on Project Wedding
Heart-Shaped Origami
  • Step 1: Fold paper in half; unfold. Fold sides in to meet in the middle.
  • Step 2: Fold sheet in half horizontally. With the folded edge at the bottom, crease bottom corners in so they meet in the middle, forming a point (like a paper airplane); unfold. Turn over, and reinforce the creases on the other side; unfold.
  • Step 3: Cut about a 1⁄2-inch notch at the top center, leaving you with four layers of paper. Form two more “paper airplane” points in front by folding in corners to meet; repeat on the flip side. Then, fold the top over each point (these will become the curves at the top of the heart). Unfold along the center, and invert so that all folded pieces face inward.
  • Step 4: To form a heart shape, squash-fold along the side creases created in Step 2.
  • Step 5: Secure the sides with glue dots, and slip your save-the-date information inside.
Project & photos found on Martha Stewart Weddings

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