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Does Your Dream Wedding Dress Match Your Body Shape?

Hilary Bedford

Posted on December 17 2015

After helping hundreds of brides search for their dream dress, I would say 95% of them came in with iPad in hand with their Pinterest board already pulled up or a stack of bridal magazines covered in post it notes. There are so many beautiful dresses out there but something very important to consider is your body type and dress silhouette. Too many times I’ve seen brides come in with their dream dress already picked out in their head only to be disappointed because the dress did not look that flattering on them. In the end, they always walked out empty handed and confused.
Here is a chart that simply lays out body shapes and the best silhouettes to complement them:


Have I seen a pear shaped women rock a mermaid? Of course! Has an apple shaped body type look like Cinderella in a ball gown? You betcha! Just be careful falling in love with a dress in a magazine/pinterest.
WWD Tip: Do your research and be inspired by different dresses and designers, but do not decide on a dress that you have never tried on. Try to be open during your shopping experience and never be afraid to try on something you never considered before. You’ll more than likely be pleasantly surprised......xoxox

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